It's called a Medical Services Drill. This is how First Responders prepare for the unthinkable. Officials from FEMA have been in the Tri-Cities for several days leading up to this simulated "catastrophic" event.


Emergency Management staff from both Oregon and Washington are also working walk-in-step to sort out the details, triage, and mitigate loss during this simulated radiological accident. In the drill, a vehicle carrying a medical isotope has been involved in a crash. During the simulated accident, the containment of the isotope becomes breached.


Officials now have a myriad of checks and balances and the incident grows to a regional Emergency Operations Center response in Washington and Oregon. FEMA officials also are tied into the effort due to the nature of the potential radiological release during the exercise.


"Victims" hurt in the crash, along with anyone they may have come in contact with must be checked out thoroughly. With this training comes the knowledge and experience all entities involved will lean on if ever a real situation like this would occur. After the simulation, the work isn't complete. All E.O.C., First Responders and FEMA personnel work together and analyze what went right, and what needs work or adjustment.


The goal is simple. Be prepared.

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