SALEM, Ore.-Oregon will join the growing list of states offering large incentives for people to get their COVID vaccination.

"There will be one $1 million winner for residents 18 and over, five $100 thousand Oregon College Savings Plan winners for Oregonians ages 12 to 17, and each of Oregon's 36 counties will have a $10 thousand winner as well", Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced.

But how effective will this program actually be?

"The a-motivated, we aren't going to touch, the intrinsically motivated have already gotten their shot, we're targeting that intrinsically a-motivated that need some sort of incentive, and we are hoping for about 20%", noted Dr. Ashby Monk, Executive Director of the Stanford Global Projects Center in California.

It's an effort to reach 70% of the state's population at least initiating vaccination by the end of June in order to more fully-open up the state.

Currently, 63% of Oregonians have received at least one dose.

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