30 years ago, the world and the music industry lost an influential icon.

 On April 5, 1994 people around the world learned about the passing of Kurt Cobain. Originally from Aberdeen, Washington, Cobain is best known among music fans for his role as the front man of Nirvana. The group was made up of Kurt Cobain on vocals and guitar, Krist Novoselic on bass, and Dave Grohl as the drummer. 

In honor of Cobain, here are some facts about Nirvana and his career.

Kurt Cobain Photo: Amazon
Kurt Cobain
Photo: Amazon

From Custodian to Rock Star: 

Cobain dropped out his high school and then got a job as a janitor and cleaned his old high school. 

The Origins of Nirvana:  

Was formed in Aberdeen, Washington (on the Olympic Peninsula) in 1987. 

Photo: Ebay
Photo: Ebay


 Nirvana’s first officially released single was a cover. The band did the cover of “Love Buzz” by the Dutch band, Shocking Blue.

First Album:

 Cobain and Nirvana released its first album, “Bleach” in 1989. The album reached platinum status Recording Industry Association of America in February 1995 and had sold an estimated 1.9 million copies in the United States by September 2016.

Bleach Alblum Photo: Amazon
Bleach Album
Photo: Amazon

Biggest Album:

Nirvana's most successful album, 'Nevermind,' has achieved staggering global sales exceeding 30 million copies, confirming its place as one of the top-selling albums in music history. 

“Smells like a Hit”: 

The band's iconic song, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' stands as one of the bestselling singles of all time, with an impressive 8 million copies sold worldwide."

“Nirvana was Kicked out of their own Release Party: 

Cobain got himself and the ban tossed out an album release party for starting a food fight.

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