The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is touting its new website as a resource that leaves you better prepared before heading out to visit the state's parks.

The site offers a new range of features including the ability to search for parks based on location, amenities, and features, as well as the option to use assistive technology.

The search bar contains a drop-down of all state parks. Tabs labeled Beach Exploration, Bird Watching and other amenities also make the search easier for something in particular.

By selecting a park, such as Sacajawea Historical State Park in Pasco, you're directed to a page with a collection of photos and information about the park such as hours, activities, rules and a Google Maps location of the park.

The commission says the refresh comes after many years of feedback from parks visitors that they struggled to find information on the website, especially when using a mobile device.

Other features on the website include:

  • Access information using assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnification, speech recognition software, or keyboard and trackball mouses
  • Get the information you need about the parks you want to visit so you feel safe and know what to expect
  • After finding a park to visit, easily get to the reservation system
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