(Olympia, WA) -- The Washington State Department of Labor and Industry says the state minimum wage will increase to $15.74 per hour. That applies to workers age 16 and older. Employers may pay $13.38 per hour — to workers ages 14-15. Cities can set a higher hourly minimum wage. The agency cites Seattle and SeaTac both of which have higher wages.

Minimum Salary Requirements

L&I, in a news release, says to be exempt from Washington's minimum wage act; executive, administrative, professional or computer professionals, and outside salespeople must earn at least the minimum salary. For example, an employer with 50 or fewer employees, the 2023 salary threshold is 1.75 times the minimum wage: $1,101.80/week ($57,293.60/year). For employers with 51 or more employees, the threshold is double the minimum wage, $1,259.20/week ($65,478.40/year).

Big Changes for Rideshare Drivers

Rideshare drivers (like those who work for Uber and Lyft) will have the right to minimum trip pay, paid sick time, workers’ compensation coverage, and protection from retaliation for exercising these rights. This as a result of legislation which passed in Olympia this past year. The legislation also created a Driver Resource Center, which will help drivers appeal being removed from a company’s app.

You'll know the salary going in

According to L&I, businesses with 15 or more employees must include salary range or pay scale of the job, along with a general description of all benefits offered and any other compensation the position entails in each job posting or advertisement. Employers will also provide an employee who is promoted, or transferred to a new job, with the pay scale for the new position, if they request it.

This all takes effect on January 1st, 2023

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