(Benton County, WA) -- Another regional attraction was recently unearthed from a pandemic-related pause. The Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig Site south of Kennewick is officially back open to the public.

It may look like petrified wood, but this is actually a tusk

A couple of Mammoth vertebrae (cow vertebrae on far left for comparison)

The Mid Columbia Basin Old Natural Education Sciences Research Center is again offering tours for classrooms across the area. Educational organizations can now schedule virtual tours of the dig site, too.

"Our first virtual tour actually got snowed on in April, but yeah, we know that there are lots of people who can't come here with their classes." says Education Director Gary Kleinknecht. "What we do here is give kids a chance to get their feet wet. If they're interested in a scientific discipline as a career, we're going to give them their first shot at it."

It's not just for kids, either. Adults and other groups are also able to reserve tours, though space is limited.

Interested parties can learn more by clicking here.