Crews near Finley, Washington, are continuing to investigate a massive fire that burned in a frozen food warehouse over the weekend. 

The Early Morning Fire  Call from the Warehouse

According to Benton County Fire District #1, What's being called the "Bowles Fire" started on April 21, 2024, around 5:15 am in the 525,000-square-foot frozen food warehouse at Lineage Logistics. The Fire District said they found a small amount of smoke from a giant freezer bay. Sprinklers had been activated, and the room temperature water, coupled with subfreezing temperatures, generated a lot of frozen mist, which looked a lot like smoke, creating a challenge for crews trying to locate the source of the fire. Several pallets in a freezer hallway were found to be burning.

Before firefighters arrived, ten employees were evacuated. By 11:10 am that morning, a fire remained in the freezer, and crews from Walla Walla and Pasco came to help with workforce and ventilation.

The Fire Grew and Threatened Nearby Areas

Then, around 2 p.m., the fire turned into a code red alert due to several fires ignited by vegetation after the wind carried it.

The Bowles Fire Photo: BCFD #1
The Bowles Fire
Photo: BCFD #1

Several Fire Crews from the Tri-Cities Area Battled the Flames

 Crews from Franklin County, Walla Walla, Richland, the City of Kennewick, and Pasco worked to extinguish the fire that threatened nearby buildings. The fire district also issued a Level 3 evacuation order asking everyone to leave the area surrounding the Lineage Logistics area. The State fire marshal also mobilized with a response and assistance. 

 Eventually, the evacuation orders were lifted, but crews  remained at the scene to monitor a few remaining hot spots and investigate the cause. 

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