(Walla Walla, WA) -- Two Walla Walla police officers were injured Tuesday after a struggle with an uncooperative suspect. It started around 4:45 pm when an officer contacted a male subject who was reported acting suspiciously while pushing a motorcycle in the 500 block of Pine Street. The officer was met with verbal aggression as he ran the license plate of the motorcycle. According to the officer, the male, later identified as 29-year-old Jacob Romero of Walla Walla, became increasingly aggressive, closing distance on the officer, presenting a threatening stance and behavior. After learning he was being placed under arrest, Romero allegedly said "no I'm not" and rushed the officer again. As the officer put his arms up to keep distance from Romero, Romero pushed the officers’ hands away. Romero then retreated into the residence.

More police arrived and convinced Romero to come outside where he again became combative. At one-point, officers were able to get close enough to grab Romero to place him under arrest, but at least one officer received several punches to the face and was spit on in the face. Listed as 6ft 4in tall and about 240 lbs, it took several officers to restrain Romero. One officer suffered a broken hand during the process.

Romero was ultimately booked into the county jail on the following charges: Intimidating a Public Servant – Class B Felony, Assault 3rd Degree – Class C Felony, Resisting Arrest – Misdemeanor, and Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer – Gross Misdemeanor. His first appearance Wednesday morning and was released from jail without bail.

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