KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A Kennewick man was arrested Friday morning, after the GPS on a stolen vehicle led officers right to him.

According to a press release, Richland Police Officers contact Kennewick Police about a vehicle that had been stolen from Fowler Construction in Richland.

The GPS on the vehicle indicated that it was near the intersection of W. Clearwater Ave. and N. Neel St.

Officers from the Kennewick Police Department spotted the vehicle, and attempted to pull it over. The driver stopped at first, but then hit the gas and sped away, driving recklessly through traffic. Officers called off the chase due to concerns about public safety.

A short time later, another patrol officer noticed the stolen vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot in the 6000 block of W. Kennewick Ave.

Several officers responded to the scene and tried to block the vehicle in, but suspect refused to follow commands. The man then drove the stolen vehicle in between a Kennewick Police patrol vehicle and a citizen's vehicle, damaging both vehicles, and fled again. Officers called off a pursuit of the vehicle due to safety concerns.

The stolen vehicle was located a third time, parked in the area of W. Kennewick Ave. and S. Jefferson St.

A witness reported seeing a man get out of the driver's side of the vehicle and flee on foot before slowing to a more casual speed.

Casey Thompson, 24, was taken into custody, and is expected to face charges for Auto Theft, Eluding, and Malicious Mischief in the 1st Degree.

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