An After Hours Argument at a Benton County High School Leads to a Gun Charge and Arrest

This week, on January 30th, Benton County Sheriff's Deputies got a call at night from a concerned citizen about a heated argument in the parking lot of Kiona-Benton City High School. 

Benton County Deputies Found a Gun on One of the Men in the Argument. 

When deputies rolled up to the scene, they discovered that a 22-year-old man involved in the dispute was carrying a gun. The alleged gun-toting suspect was taken into custody for having a firearm on a school campus and for not having the legal ability to conceal the gun. He was also trespassed from the school property. 

A statement from Kiona-Benton High School

"We commend the local community members for their prompt reporting of the January 30th incident and want to emphasize the importance of the "see something, say something" approach. The safety of our students, staff, and community is our top priority, and we greatly appreciate the prompt response of the Benton County Sheriff's Office. Their continued partnership helps ensure the safety and security of our school campuses and the entire community," said Kiona-Benton City School District Superintendent Pete Peterson. 

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