The Shooting Along King County Highway

Yesterday, around 3:10 pm,  The Washington State Patrol (WSP)  received a 9-1-1 call from a driver who reported being shot at while traveling westbound on State Route 18 near 304th. The victim, after taking the exit to 304th, confirmed two bullet holes in his vehicle but was not injured.

After an investigation, the Troopers verified that the left rear driver's side door and left front fender had bullet holes. The victim said they were traveling westbound on State Route 18 and passing a truck when a white Dodge Charger pulled alongside, and the passenger displayed a black handgun, firing three shots before fleeing.

The Suspect Fled Through Tacoma and Fife to Get Away From Law Enforcement

Shortly after, a trooper located the suspect vehicle, taking the exit from southbound I-5  in Tacoma. WSP aircraft tracked the vehicle, providing ground units with real-time direction and location updates. The suspect vehicle cut through Tacoma and re-entered northbound I-5 before then exiting in Fife. The WSP says that the suspect tossed a gun from the car, but that weapon was covered later.

A Getaway Car Picked up the Suspect

Troopers say the suspect abandoned the car at an apartment complex and took off on foot before jumping in a waiting SUV and speeding off.

Investigators say that the white Dodge used in the shooting was stolen.

The WSP wants to hear from Witnesses to the Event

The vehicle is now in WSP evidence pending a search warrant. The retrieved backpack from the other vehicle is also subject to a pending search warrant.

WSP detectives seek witnesses who observed the Dodge Charger before, during, or after the shooting, including any dashcam footage. Information can be emailed to Detective Haake at

Police Chase Ends in Crash

Suspect lost control and crashed into utility pole on the sidewalk of busy intersection

Gallery Credit: Mark Rattner with Newsradio 610 KONA

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