My favorite car I have had was my 2004 Crown Vic police interceptor. Aside from it being an amazing car that got me past 315,000 miles. This beast had the best window tint ever straight from the police. My tint in the back was almost limo dark I'm talking blacked out and in the front it was very dark as well, I never got it tested I probably should have. I will say I definitely was not legal but what are they gonna say “Hey you can't have that on there” my response would always be well you guys put it on so why not.

Kennewick Police Department

Well, the Kennewick Police Department posted on their Facebook earlier this week reminding us residents not to do what I did and get legal tint. They bring up the question of how much tint is too much. Washington State has enforced a window tint law since 1987. The law stipulates that vehicle window tint must allow at least 24% light transmittance, with a tolerance of +/- 2%. For passenger vehicles, this requirement applies to all windows. For SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks, the front driver and passenger side windows must comply with the same standard. No tint is permitted on the windshield, except for the top 6 inches. Additionally, mirror finish, red, gold, yellow, or black materials are prohibited.

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Party Poopers

I think window tint makes a car look so much better and it makes the car so much cooler (Tempter that is), especially with the extreme heat we have here. But the like true party poopers, they are KPD remind us that too dark window tint can be a big safety hazard. Now I can speak firsthand on this, It's hard to see out of window tint in low light, or at night. I personally had to roll my windows down a bit anytime I was turning or crossing traffic just to make sure I was seeing everything. So ya, they are party poopers, but I can agree with them on this one.

The reason KPD wanted to remind us of window tint is that recently, Kennewick officers have noted a substantial increase in window tint violations, with many vehicles having windows tinted too dark and, increasingly, windshields fully tinted. It's important to remember that any tinting on a windshield, except for the top 6 inches, is illegal. The Kennewick Police are actively enforcing these tint regulations.

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