• There was a SWAT standoff in Kennewick yesterday.

  • The discovery of a stolen car started the event.

  • Several arrests were made.

Two individuals were arrested after an hours-long SWAT standoff in Kennewick on February 22nd, 2024.

Police Discovered a Stolen Car in Kennewick

The event began when a patrol officer discovered a stolen vehicle in front of a home near 6th and Conway St. Police reported that they apprehended one person outside the residence. At the same time, a second suspect remained barricaded inside the structure.

kennewick police bade cuffs

SWAT was Called in

The Tri-City Regional SWAT team was summoned to assist in apprehending the suspect. Eventually, officers managed to coax 13 people out of the residence, leading to the arrest of two individuals on unrelated charges.

The Kennewick Police Department will continue to provide updates on the investigation as they become available.

attachment-SWAT Standoff

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A man is in jail after Police in Kennewick connected him to a 2023 gun case.

The Man was Wanted in Connection with a September  2023 Gun Incident in Kennewick

Investigators with the Kennewick Police Department have been looking into a weapons incident that took place back on September 22 of last year (2023). That happened near US Route 395 near the 3300 block of West 9th Ave.

Kennewick Police were Able to Identify the Suspect with Help from other Agencies

Detectives discovered the suspect's identity and got a Benton County Prosecutors Office warrant to arrest him. In a multi-agency effort that included help from the Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force and the US Marshals Service, they were able to locate the man near E 7th Avenue and Yew Street in Benton County.

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