The search for a man accused of shooting and killing his brother-in-law in Kennewick is over.

Detectives say a tip led officers to a ravine near South Gum Street and East 44th Avenue where they spotted a man matching the description of 44-year-old Adam Klei.

Officers made visual and verbal contact from afar.

"They were giving him commands in an effort to get him into custody," Kennewick Police Commander Aaron Clem said. "The suspect fired several shots while they're communicating with him. And then at some point, we called in our regional partners to contain him and bring this to a resolution."

Kennewick Police Commander Aaron Clem
Kennewick Police Commander Aaron Clem

Swat team members converged on Klei's location and found the man dead.

"It appears at this point that he has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Obviously, we will have to wait for autopsy and other investigations which will be ongoing from this point forward. But a preliminary information indicates that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot." Commander Clem said.

The motive behind Monday night's shooting of Travis Kitchen on South Jean Street is still under investigation. Commander Clem says Kitchen had confronted Klein in the roadway before he was shot.

"There were some domestic-related, potentially some criminal investigations related to family matters." Commander Clem added.

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