Quick Response Contains Blaze; No Injuries Reported 

A structure fire on Tuesday morning displaced a family of four from their manufactured home in Kennewick, Washington. Despite the damage, no injuries were reported. Fire crews from the Kennewick Fire Department (KFD), along with supporting units, were dispatched to the incident at 4815 W. Clearwater at 10:19 a.m. following a report of smoke and flames. 


Swift Action by Firefighters 

The first KFD unit arrived on the scene within 2 ½ minutes and found fire and smoke emanating from the structure. Bystanders were attempting to contain the fire using garden hoses. Firefighters quickly took control of the situation by attacking the blaze from inside the home, bringing it under control within 11 minutes. No injuries were reported among the residents or the firefighters. 

Family Displaced; Cause Under Investigation 

Despite the swift response, the fire rendered the home uninhabitable, displacing one adult and three children. The American Red Cross has been contacted to assist the family. According to fire investigators, the blaze might have been caused by a malfunction in the clothes dryer or its venting system. Notably, the home did not have working smoke alarms. 


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Safety Reminder from Fire Officials 

In light of the incident, the Kennewick Fire Department and the U.S. Fire Administration have issued a safety reminder regarding clothes dryer maintenance. They advise residents to clean lint filters regularly and ensure proper installation and servicing of dryers. Proper maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of dryer-related fires and improve safety in the home. 

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