Jay Inslee's Campground (Google street view)
Jay Inslee's Campground (Google street view)

As of noon, Tuesday, August 8th, a Google search turned up the 'campground.'

Governor Inslee trolled with his own 'campground'

According to information from MyNorthwest.com's Jason Rantz on AM 770 KTTH Radio, a Northwest activist is taking credit for adding information to a crime and trash-ridden area near Oak Harbor WA so it will show up as "Jay Inslee's Campground."

Previously, it was listed as Jay Inslee State Park.  Rantz, and others, are wondering how this person was able to get the information past the Google process, but it has a real address.

The physical address is 3412 Hoffman Road, in Oak Harbor.  Pictures and some videos posted by reviewers show a line of run-down campers and RVs along the road. Rantz reports the area is littered with trash, human waste, overflowing dumpsters, and more.

If you Google "Jay Inslee's Campground," this listing will actually come up.

It also is apparently known for drug use, especially meth. Rantz reports the campground is a publicity stunt, designed to call attention to how Inslee and the state are ignoring the homeless, crime, and drug problems in our state.

As of noon, August 8th, there are 13 Google reviews of the campground, which include the following assessments:

"One of Jay's finest"

"perfect place to dump your old Rv or trailer .
Campsites include taxpayer funded porta potties and a dumpster for your convenience"

"Not enough Tesla charging stations.
Picnic area: Great for fresh, locally sourced dumpster dived food."

"Super nice place for doing meth and coke. No laws enforced and bathrooms are easily accessible since they're literally everywhere including in the middle of the road. Will stay here for free again."

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