In a twist that has left barbecue enthusiasts scratching their heads, Washingtonians have cast their votes, and the surprising winner for their favorite BBQ sauce is none other than Alabama White Sauce. Yes, you read that correctly—mayonnaise-based, tangy Alabama White Sauce has claimed the top spot in the hearts of Washington BBQ fans.

The Controversial Choice

However, using the term "aficionados" might be a bit strong; let's refer to them as "fans" because it's hard to imagine any self-respecting "aficionado" choosing Alabama White Sauce as their favorite. What exactly is a white sauce? It's made with a base of mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar, seasoned with salt and black pepper. Essentially, it's a tomatoless fry sauce. Now, please understand, I'm not saying Alabama White Sauce doesn't have its time and place. In fact, I'm a fan myself, but only for certain things at certain times.

Origins of Alabama White Sauce

Let's delve into the origins of Alabama White Sauce. Originating from Robert Gibson at Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q in Decatur, AL, in the 1920s, the tradition involves freshly smoked chickens being extracted from the pit and subsequently baptized in a bath of his sauce. It was a way for Big Bob to keep his chicken moist.

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A Surprising Revelation

Considering the plethora of amazing BBQ sauces available across the country, it's shocking to see a sauce so stuck in a rut making the list. No matter how much you dress up your Alabama White Sauce, you're limited to chicken, turkey, fish, and it's not bad on a pork shoulder either.

Survey Results and Regional Flavors

The announcement comes as part of an extensive survey conducted by Smoked BBQ Source. With a sample size of 3,000 BBQ enthusiasts, the survey aimed to crown the nation's favorite BBQ sauce, uncovering a rich tapestry of regional flavors and culinary preferences along the way.

While Alabama White Sauce may have secured the top spot in Washington, other regions boast their own beloved sauces. From the bold and smoky Arizona Style Sauce to the sweet and tangy Georgia BBQ Sauce, each sauce brings its own unique flair to the barbecue table. And let's not forget the zesty citrus notes of Florida BBQ Sauce or the teriyaki-inspired Hawaii BBQ Sauce—each sauce is a testament to America's diverse culinary landscape.

Conclusion: Embracing Diversity in Barbecue

In closing, the revelation that Alabama White Sauce has been voted as the top BBQ sauce by Washingtonians has certainly sparked surprise and discussion among BBQ enthusiasts. While some may raise eyebrows at this unexpected choice, it serves as a reminder of the diverse and ever-evolving world of barbecue flavors. Whether you're loyal to the traditional smoky tang of Georgia BBQ Sauce or tempted by the citrus-infused zest of Florida BBQ Sauce, each regional variation adds its unique charm to the beloved American tradition of barbecue. So, let's celebrate this rich tapestry of flavors and continue to explore the endless possibilities that barbecue sauce brings to our tables, uniting us in our shared love for good food and good company.


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