How Can I Protest My Property Tax Bill In Washington State?

I just received our yearly Kennewick Washington property tax card and as usual, the taxes continue to climb. I saw my neighbors on the Next Door app talking about the fact that property taxes jumped as much as 24%.


Here Are A Few Tips If You Want To Protest Your Property Taxes In Washington State

If you are a new homeowner, you might not realize this but you can protest your property taxes in Washington State. I've outlined below a few ways you can protest your property taxes according to RCW 84.68.020

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There are two ways to appeal your property tax valuation according to WA state:

1) File a petition contesting your valuation with the County Board of Equalization.

2) File a written protest at the time you pay your tax and then file an action in superior or federal court.

If you are filing in superior or federal court, you must take action on your own. You can get more information about filing with the Board of Equalization from your local County Board of Equalization or assessor’s office.

Filing a written protest when you pay property tax. You are required to take the following actions:

Present a written protest to the county treasurer at the time of payment of the tax.


List in writing all the reasons why you feel the tax is unfair. Filing your protest at the time you pay the property tax will allow you to appeal to a superior court. You must take further action to file a claim in court on your own.

The county treasurer cannot provide you with any form of legal advice. The responsibilities of the treasurer are limited to accepting protests and notifying the taxing districts.


This allows the taxing districts to make informed decisions when facing possible refunds for taxes already paid. You may want to consult an attorney before submitting your letter of protest. The law has very strict requirements and you may jeopardize your case if the letter of protest is incomplete.

You'll need to remember these three important items:

What constitutes a valid protest, a sufficiency of protest, and notice to taxpayers of protest requirements.

If you are as frustrated as I am with Washington State property taxes, you can get more details on how you can protest your property taxes here.

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