TRI-CITIES, Wash.-The 2021 Columbia Cup and Over-the-river Air Show was canceled two weeks ago because it could not happen under the COVID-19 restrictions for the state of that time.

But that all changed with the announcement Thursday by Governor Jay Inslee that the state would re-open by June 30th.

Water Follies has submitted a plan for a scaled-down event at the end of July to the City of Kennewick that might allow for it to take place on the original dates of July 23rd through the 25th.

"More general admission, more general shoreline for people to find a place to sit and enjoy, probably smaller crowds, we'll try and limit capacity to make sure we are safe and everybody is comfortable being down at the river with all their friends and family and race fans", said Water Follies Event Director Kathy Powell.

The private tent areas would most likely be gone and a cap of 9,000 people would be in place, but other than that, it would have the look and feel of a regular Water Follies event.

"We have Unlimited Hydroplane racing, we have Grand Prix Hydroplane racing, we are talking with the vintage boats, we might look for some smaller boats to come", Powell noted. "The Air Show-wise, we had to scale back a bit from the jet demonstration team to possible flyovers".

If the City of Kennewick approves, the decision would then be in the hands of the Water Follies Board of Directors.

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