What Does it Mean to Get "Home-Aloned" this Winter?

If you love the 90s classic Home Alone, you are familiar with several iconic scenes where the "Wet Bandits" slip and fall on the ice or when the hero, Kevin McCallister, slips on the ice and is captured by the bad guys.

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This winter, don't get "Home-Aloned" and find yourself slipping and falling hard on the ice.

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Winter is Here

Winter has come in full force to the Tri-Cities. Over the past week, we have seen cold temperatures, snowfall, and freezing rain. Getting around in the snow and ice can be tricky, and if you are not careful, even walking in wintry conditions can result in falls and injuries.


Tips on How Not Fall in Icy Conditions

Here are some tips to help you not to fall when walking on slick wintery surfaces.

Your Shoes Matter

Make sure to wear shoes with good traction. Boots with grippy soles are great. Bonus if they are waterproof or water-resistant to keep your feet dry. You can even use traction aids like ice cleats or grips for added stability.

Watch Your Step

Take smaller, wider steps at a slower pace. Think about walking like a penguin across the frozen parking lot.

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Get a Grip

When you can, grab hold of handrails or stable objects as you trek over slick sidewalks.

Pay Attention

Make sure you are watching where you walk and where you are heading. Looking at your phone or walking while distracted on the ice can lead to disaster as you might not notice that you are heading for a huge ice patch.

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Black Ice Isn't Nice

Be extra cautious of black ice. It can be almost invisible and hard to see, but it can be extremely slippery and dangerous. Watch your footing and use handrails when you can.

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