The Astoria, Oregon house from the 1980s cult classic has a new owner.

The new owners of the house used in the 1980s cult classic film The Goonies have some big plans for the iconic home.  

The Goonies House in the modern day (Photo: J.L Scott Realty)
The Goonies House in 2022
(Photo: J.L Scott Realty)

The house, featured in the 1985 movie The Goonies, is located in the historic fishing town of Astoria, Oregon, in the Northwestern part of the state near the Washington border. The historic house was built in 1896, and the views from the home are beautiful. For the most part, it looks the same as it did when The Goonies was filmed.  

The house in the film Photo: The Goonies
The house in the film
Photo: The Goonies

"If I Found One-Eyed Willy’s Rich Stuff, I’d Pay All My Dad’s Bills, So Maybe, He Could Get To Sleep At Night.” -Sean Astin As Mikey

In the classic film, Mikey (played by Sean Astin), his friends, and his brother (Josh Brolin) try to save the house from foreclosure after finding a map in the attic, by trying to find a treasure hidden by a legendary pirate. The real world ship that inspired the Goonies was recently found off the coast of Oregon.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon


The house was listed for over a million dollars.

 Last fall, the house made news when it was listed for sale. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom 1900 square foot plus home was listed for 1.6 million dollars. In January of 2023,  Zakeri purchased the famed house.  

Owning The Goonies House is a dream come true.

Zakeri told KONA during an interview that owning the home has been his dream since he saw the film in 1985. He became an instant fan of the movie and loved that it encompassed the themes of adventure, family, and friendship. The essential message of the film, he says, is “to never say die and never give up.” 

The famed "Truffle Shuffle" in front of the home during the movie Photo: The Goonies
The famed "Truffle Shuffle" in front of the home during the movie
Photo: The Goonies

Fans of The Goonies should be relieved to hear that Zakeri and his wife plan to remodel the house as it appeared in the movie. The attic door brick in the kitchen and many other things in the house are still the same as when it was filmed. Zakeri is hoping that the renovation of the home will appear on a  renovation show.  

Currently, the house sits atop a hill overlooking the historic town. Thousands of fans show up monthly to see the house and a part of movie history. Zakeri is excited to bring the home back to its movie state for fans to enjoy for years.  

The home overlooks the scenic town of Astoria, Oregon.
The home overlooks the scenic town of Astoria, Oregon.  (Photo:  Zakeri)

"Goonies never say die"

“The Goonies House is in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide and must be preserved and shared with the Goonies community. I’m grateful to have been chosen to be the steward of this iconic Hollywood house and help to keep The Goonies' magic alive,” said Zakeri. 

A welcome banner in front of the home
A welcome banner in front of the home

Fans of The Goonies can easily make the pilgrimage to Astoria, Oregon, from the Tri-Cities.

Fans from the Tri-Cities can drive to Astoria to see the house and the historic waterfront fishing community in about 5 hours.  

More good things to come in Astoria, Oregon

For more on the house, follow its Instagram account @goonieshome for updates on the renovation and other related Goonies house content.  


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