The City of West Richland is giving its residents advanced notice of a change in garbage service.

Starting December 11th, garbage trucks will collect based on a map that the city recently updated.

Employees with Basin/Ed's Disposal will place tags on trash cans this week to let people know of the various changes:

  • If your service day is moving from Wednesday to Monday: Last Wednesday pick up: 12/6 | First Monday pick up: 12/11
  • If your service day is moving from Wednesday to Friday: Last Wednesday pick up: 12/13 | First Friday pick up: 12/15
  • If your service day is moving from Tuesday to Thursday: Last Tuesday pick up: 12/12 | First Thursday pick up: 12/14
  • If your service day is moving from Thursday to Wednesday: Last Thursday pick up: 12/7 | First Wednesday pick up: 12/13
The city also warns service to homes may arrive at a different time than what you are used to. They will pick up no earlier than 6am.
To view the updated garbage map provided by the City of West Richland, we've set up a link here. Use the zoom feature on your computer, phone or tablet to see the street names.
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