• Stay safe around fire and flames
  • Kids can be curious about fire
  • Lighters and matches can be dangerous

It may not be a surprise, but Children may be fascinated with fire. However, youngsters may need to understand the dangers associated with open flames.

Did you know Matches and lighters pose a significant risk when in the hands of young people who do not understand that fire can quickly grow out of control, causing injuries and deaths?

The State Fire Marshal's Office offers safety tips to keep your family safe, especially as the weather yields more times around campfires or lighting candles for that cozy feeling inside the home.

Fire, Match, and Lighter Saftey Tips


Keep matches out of reach.

Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked cabinet. 

Not too close, not too hot

Keep heat sources away from things that can burn and keep children safe.

Child Proof

 Purchase and use only child-resistant lighters.

Lighters are not toys.

 Lighters that look like toys, referred to as novelty lighters, can confuse children and cause fires, injuries, and death. Keep these items out of children's hands and consider not purchasing them.

No Touching!

Teach young children never to touch matches or lighters. 

Fire Talk

Talk with children about what their friends or other children are doing with fire.

Respect the flame

Give praise for showing respect and age-appropriate responsible behavior toward fire.

Smoke Detectors can save lives.

 Ensure your home has working smoke alarms. 

Get out!

 Develop and practice a home escape plan.

"Quick, what's the number for 9-1-1?" 

Teach your children how to call the fire department in an emergency.

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