Franklin County DUI crash and area of crash (FCSO-Google maps)
Franklin County DUI crash and area of crash (FCSO-Google maps)

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department has seen this before.

   A drunken driver crashes their car, then tries to report it as stolen

Late Monday night, Deputies were called to a location about two miles southwest of Eltopia and north of Pasco about a car crash, near the intersection of Glade and Dogwood Roads.

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However, shortly before they arrived, they'd gotten a call from a driver about their car reportedly being stolen.  When the Deputies arrived, they found the driver (whose name was not released) nearby he was trying to flee the scene.

   Deputies quickly figured it out

Officers were able to easily figure out that the call on the stolen vehicle was from the man, and he was found to he was driving while impaired. He's not only facing DUI charges but False Reporting as well.

From the pictures, the vehicle appears to be a total loss.


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