Benton County Deputies and river patrol units were alerted to what at first appeared to be a hazardous situation on Monday.

Officers respond to a report of a capsized boat on the Columbia River

Deputies arrived at the location on the Columbia near Oregon and saw a smaller white boat floating upside down. It appeared to be a smaller 10-12 foot craft.



Usually, these are associated with more serious incidents, but no word from BCSO about anyone seen in the water.

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Once the boat was brought to shore by the marine unit and dragged up on the beach, they were able to examine it, and determine it was likely an abandoned dumped watercraft.

The engine was missing from the mounts, and the VIN and hull number had been obviously scratched off the vessel.

Deputies said it is illegal to dump boats or any other watercraft in any body of water.

No word what will become of the boat, it appeared to still be seaworthy.


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