Volunteers are needed at Columbia Basin Dive Rescue (CBDR), a non-profit organization that provides water rescue and recovery services to law enforcement.

The team members consist of solely volunteers and they could use a few more who've already earned their Open Water Diving certifications.

"If you're a diver, you would still have to go through the rescue qualifications that the rescue team does and then you would get certified." CBDR Training officer Caleb Farmer.

If you don't know how to dive, volunteers for other positions that will help the organization are in need as well.

"We do have rescue positions where you're above the surface. You're not going to be diving but you'd still be qualified to go out on auto rescue missions," Farmer said. "And then we have several positions around the team that are currently filled or partially filled by other individuals that we would love some assistance on; maintenance of our vehicles, helping with logistics and preparing for admission."

CBDR plays a vital role in rescue and recovery missions around the region. The organization is a state agency that responds directly in Franklin and Benton County and contracts with Yakima and Walla Walla County but answers the call for assistance across the state when the need arises.

"We were just up on a call in Grant County on Crescent Bar last weekend," Farmer said. "We had another call last night. That was south of Patterson. So, we respond all over the state and many times they're grouped together like we saw last weekend."

If you're interested in becoming a CBDR volunteer, head to their website and fill out the form. Farmer says they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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