Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) is out with its proposed service changes for 2024.

Major changes include incorporating routes into the Queensgate Transit Center at Queensgate and Columbia Park Trail. That will pave the way for new Route 50.

"And that'll be a new route that comes out of Three Rivers Transit Center and is essentially like a shopper's shuttle that will go through the Columbia Center area and down Gage and around Bellerive and Steptoe and back into the transit center." says Gabe Martin, Manager of Transit Planning.

BFT is also adding Route 10 which is essentially Route 110 but split in the middle.

"What that will do is increase frequency into West Richland. We'll be able to do that and remove some of the ineffective portions of the eastern part of route 110." Martin said.

Route 170 is also a big part of the Queensgate area. It will stop serving 9th street, but begin and end at the transit center, increasing the frequency of service with an additional bus.

With the rapid development of housing in Pasco's Broadmoor area and Burns Road, BFT will also make changes to Route 67 and Route 68.

"Route 67 is going to be extended up to Burns Road in June. And so we're excited about getting service up there. There are apartments up at the corner of road 68 and Burns. We're also preparing for all the additions out to West Pasco west of Broadmoor." Martin said.

Route 25 will be adjusted to replace service where Route 170 used to travel on Wellsian Way and in front of Fred Meyer. With Route 170 moving out to Queensgate, Route 25 will service Wellsian Way and follow Bypass Highway to Duportail Street.

Other route adjustments include Routes 67, 123, and 170. The school tripper for Route 123 will be eliminated.

BFT also plans to enhance bus schedules and make CONNECT service adjustments for pilot airport service and Columbia Basin Veterans Center.

The agency wants to hear from the public before the changes go into effect.

You have one last opportunity this Thursday (11/9) at BFT's regular board meeting at 6pm inside the Benton County Administration Building located at 7122 W. Okanogan Place Building E, Room 303, Kennewick, Washington.

For a detailed look at the 2024 Annual Service Plan, we've set up a link here.

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