The Benton County Sheriff Foundation is looking for your support in helping victims of domestic violence.

The foundation has released its first ever End Domestic Violence Awareness Patch to bring awareness.

With a minimum donation of $11 to the Benton County Sheriff Foundation, you’ll receive one patch for every $11 you donate.

Your donations to the patch project will allow Benton County deputies to help victims of domestic violence with food, clothing, diapers, formula and hotel.

Click the link to get your patch:
If you're unfamiliar with the Benton County Sheriff Foundation, it was formed in 2018 to provide both volunteer and financial resources to improve public safety in the community.
The foundation plays a role in aiding people in need while supporting law enforcement officers who are dedicated to building a stronger and safer community.
With financial and volunteer support, the Benton County Sheriff Foundation has been able to:
  • Provide food and gifts to families in need during the holidays.
  • Help with school supplies and clothes for children.
  • Provide basic life essentials to families struggling financially.
  • Provide roadside assistance to stranded travelers, (e.g., food, lodging or car repair).
  • Install smoke detectors in mobile homes that did not have them.
  • Provide K9 training and equipment for patrol and narcotics units.
  • Equip the water patrol unit with life vests, primarily for families that did not have correct sizes, and assist with boater education and annual boat inspections.
  • Support deputy and office staff recognition for outstanding performance.
If you like to donate to the foundation, we've provided to link to their website.
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