Fire crews from Benton County Fire District #2 rushed to contain a wildfire that tore through River Road and Harrison Loop area, late Tuesday afternoon. According to BCFD2 Fire Chief Dennis Bates, the blaze consumed five outbuildings and a residential home. 

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Chief Bates reported that the wildfire escalated into a residential structure fire, exacerbated by relentless winds hampering firefighting efforts. The affected house, fortunately, appeared unoccupied at the time of the incident. 

Contained one injury

Although the fire had been contained, it inflicted one injury, with the individual declining medical assistance. The fire is estimated to have covered half an acre of land. In a bid to fortify the firefighters' defense, a specialized team was deployed to take down trees, enhancing the containment strategy. 

Road shut down

The fire prompted authorities to shut down River Road at SR 225 and the southern terminus of Harrison Loop. However, following successful containment efforts, these routes were reopened to traffic. 

Responding to the crisis, Benton County Fire District #1 deployed additional resources to the scene. Officials warned of the potential for shifting winds, heightening the risk and urged residents to steer clear of the area.  

Chief Bates disclosed that approximately 56 firefighters were mobilized to combat the inferno, emphasizing the collaborative effort to mitigate the damage and ensure public safety. 

Investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing.  

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