Another successful 610 KONA Food Drive is in the books.

With help from Summit Funding and the FIPS Team, Newsradio 610 KONA raised $3,500 and collected 2,300 pounds of food for the Tri-Cities Food Bank.

Newsradio 610 KONA
Newsradio 610 KONA

"We look forward to this every year. It is just incredible. We feed a lot of people because you do this." V-J Meadows, Executive Director of the Tri-Cities Food Bank said while joining Robb Francis at the Grocery Outlet during the broadcast of the Bottom Line Friday.

Meadows says she was so moved by the number of people who brought in envelopes full of whatever they could put together for people in need.

"These are people that you might think need help, but still care and this community cares. And because you care, then we're able to do so much more. We can never thank you and this group enough." Meadows added.

This was the 6th annual 610 KONA Food Drive, one of which received a special visit from General Jim Mattis. He serves on the board of the food bank.

"This is what we do here, we take care of each other. And it's not a heavy burden. If we all chip in, then it doesn't take a lot from any one person. It just takes a lot of people to give a little," General Mattis said. "We've got it in our great melting pot of the United States. And so when we come together, you really see what a community means where you take care of each other."

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