(Seattle, WA) -- Another airline is telling employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Seattle-based Alaska Airlines alerted its workers this week to the mandate as it's a government contractor. The requirement could come as soon as December 8th. A spokeswoman declined to say exactly how many employees have already gotten vaccinated, but noted it's a "significant majority." There's already a 200-dollar incentive in place for employees who prove they rolled up their sleeves. Workers have until December 1st to upload proof.

Statement from Alaska Airlines:

Since the start of the pandemic, the safety of our employees and guests has always come first. Over the past 18 months we’ve invested in significant resources to educate our employees and encourage everyone to get vaccinated. We remain committed to protecting everyone from the impacts of the COVID-19 virus. As part of that effort, we are once again updating our response plan to comply with a new federal mandate: an Executive Order issued by the White House that requires all employees of federal contractors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Since our company does significant work for the federal government, we have determined that Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air and McGee employees – all part of Alaska Air Group – do fall under this federal vaccine mandate, along with other major U.S. airlines. This means all of our employees, including certain contractors and vendors, will be required to be fully vaccinated, or be approved for a reasonable accommodation such as medical conditions or religious beliefs that prevent them from being vaccinated.    

The date by which employees must be fully vaccinated has not been confirmed by the government, but it could be as early at Dec. 8, 2021. That’s why we encourage all of our employees to begin the vaccination process as soon as possible, and to allow time for their vaccination regime to be fully completed.

We’re also extending the deadline from Oct. 15 to Dec. 1 to give vaccinated employees a $200 payout when they upload proof of their full vaccination.

With regard to testing, this plan supersedes our previously announced plan. This means employees may no longer opt-in for regular testing and masking in lieu of getting the vaccine. Instead, employees must be fully vaccinated or be granted an approved accommodation and follow the accommodation requirements.  

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