Tis the season for scams. They come in many forms, from fake charities to student loan forgiveness. Well, with the weather getting colder, another scam has been popping up that deals with the heat & lights. Be cautious of a new scam claiming to be from the power company.

I've heard a couple of my cousins mention a phone scam, but they couldn't remember the details besides that it was one of their utilities. When I saw a post from Rita McCart on the "WTF Just happened in Yakima?" Facebook group, I knew she was talking about the same scan that had been tried on my family.

"Scam alert... I just got a call from 509-314-2131. It was a recorded message from "Pacific Power" telling me my lights were gonna be turned off for non-payment if I didn't send them the money in the next 30 minutes. Please just hang up. All I said is, "you're full of s***" then I hung up. Just f.y.i." – Rita McCart

It is common for utility companies to use and send out automated/recorded phone calls, but I've never heard of one demanding money by a specific time. Rita has the right idea if you get a phone call like that. Just hang-up. Suppose you are concerned that you may actually owe money. In that case, you can look up the official phone number and contact the power company (or whichever utility that's in question) and talk to them directly.



More comments of great info and tips followed in the comments section, like this one from Sandy Mulberry:

"I used to work for the power company in Seattle… it's really important to take down the info and, if you can, the time, the number they called from, etc., and report it to the power company. They can catch these people." – Sandy Mulberry

Also, a good note about the process of getting your power turned off from Frank Withrow:

"Unless their policy has changed, Pacific Power does not shut off your electricity without first contacting you in person and/or hanging a disconnection notice on your door telling you how many days you have to make payment arrangements." – Frank Withrow


Getting Even With The Scammers?

Now, I don't recommend "playing along" with the scammers to mess with them, but I have to admit, I've done it a time or two, just like Danielle Nicole said she did:

"They called me, so I pressed 1 to speak to someone…
'Pacific power, how can I help you?'
Me: uh idk you guys called me
**mocking tone** 'I don't know you guys called me.'
And he hung up 😂😂😂



Remember a word of the wise, if you have any hint that it could be a scam, hang up and be safe. Never give personal information over the phone to anyone you didn't reach out to and made contact with first. If you know of any other scams going around, Tap the App & let us know!

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