Yakima Police Department emphasis patrols continue in the city until the end of the year. Officers aren't just looking for speeding drivers they're also searching for drivers intoxicated behind the wheel. During the months of November and December police say they see and arrest a lot of drivers for DUI.

Many drivers were stopped for DUI in the month of November

In fact in the month of November Yakima Police officers stopped and arrested 62 drivers impaired drivers and removed them from city streets. But they say that means many other drivers who were impaired were not stopped. Each night officers say they stop "multiple" DUI drivers.

The patrols started this past summer in the city of Yakima

What's the reason for the patrols? Earlier this year the Yakima Police Chief, Matthew Murray wrote a letter to the community in which he says "the culture of anything goes on Yakima streets must change." More than 20 fatality crashes have been reported this year within city limits and numerous serious injury crashes involving vehicles and motorcycles. Capt. Jay Seely says Officers are expected to make 3 to 4 traffic stops everyday to slow drivers and send a message that traffic is being monitored in Yakima.

Were you one of the drivers

Officers are finding a lot of drivers who aren't obeying traffic laws.
All total so far this month Yakima Police Department Officers have made 3,921 traffic stops and issued 1,765 citations.
Police say if you plan to drink and drive especially at a holiday party this month make sure you have a designated driver.

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