Court documents released by the Yakima Police Department are shedding light on the series of events that lead up to and proceeded the shooting that occurred at the Circle K on Knob Hill Blvd. in Yakima Tuesday morning.

According to documents, the suspect, 21-year-old Jarid Haddock, first entered the Circle K at 3am; walking around the store and not buying anything before exiting.

He then returns at 3:30am with a pistol in his hand and began firing at the two customers in the store. The sole employee in the store at the time of the shooting was in the kitchen of the store and reportedly hid back there as they called police.

The suspect apparently emptied his first magazine shooting at the 40-year-old woman and 65-year-old man who were his first victims. Upon seeing that the woman was still alive, he reloaded and shot into her directly until she was deceased.

It was at this time that he exited the Circle K again and made his way toward his vehicle, which was parked across the street at a closed Arco station. Before fleeing to his vehicle, he approached a 54-year-old man at the gas pump who was still in his vehicle. According to a witness, he then began to fire into that vehicle, before fleeing to his car. He also shot out the driver side window of his car, as according to authorities, he had locked himself out.

During all of this, the suspect's mother was trying in vein to find her son, driving to a different Arco station, before heading towards the Arco on Nob Hill Blvd. He had called her just before 3am to tell her he had accidentally locked himself out of his vehicle.

Soon after, she was contacted by her husband who informed her that the suspect's car was back home and the driver side window appeared to have been shot out. It was at this time that she went back home and then to a family member's home with her husband and found out about the shooting that had happened. She contacted police around 7am, informing them that she felt her son was the one who committed the murders.

Authorities were told the address of the suspect and his home was quickly surrounded, though it turned out that he was not there.

It was at 2:15pm when police were notified by a woman that the suspect had borrowed her phone. This was at the Target store near 11th street. Officers rushed to that scene, but by the time they arrived, the suspect had already taken his own life. Emergency treatment was attempted, but he was pronounced dead thirty minutes later,

Haddock reportedly had a history of drug abuse issues as well as access to a number of firearms. Police say all three victims were pronounced dead at the scene upon their arrival.

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