Nominations are now being accepted for the Washington State University Tri-Cities Women of Distinction Awards. The award recognizes women who have worked to elevate the status and equality of women. Nominations will be accepted through Monday, February 26th.

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“The Women of Distinction Awards are important for WSU Tri-Cities because they acknowledge the accomplishments of women and allies associated with our campus,” said Sandra Haynes, chancellor of WSU Tri-Cities. “These awards offer a platform to come together, establish connections, and enable the sharing of knowledge and resources.”


Five distinguished individuals will be recognized for meeting the following criteria:

  • Exhibits leadership in their discipline or area of expertise.
  • Serves as a role model and/or mentors to other women.
  • Advocates for positive social change that helps close the leadership gap and create a more equitable society.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the missions of WSU Tri-Cities.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to social justice and inclusion.
  • Has earned respect within their communities.
  • Supports policies, practices, attitudes, and/or actions intended to produce equitable outcomes for all.
  • Gives back to the community through their time, talent, and/or resources.

The Washington State University Tri-Cities Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday, March 28th from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm at WSU Tri-Cities CIC Art Center & CIC 120.

This is the perfect opportunity to recognize and honor an individual who is a mentor to other women, gives back to the community, and demonstrates leadership in her career or passion. Wouldn't it be awesome to award the woman who has inspired you? Make your nomination by clicking the button below.

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