Woman drags boyfriend from burning home (Google street view)
Woman drags boyfriend from burning home (Google street view)

One person escaped unharmed, another was flown to Harborview in Seattle for more treatment.

  Kennewick Fire Crews battle housefire early Friday morning.

According to Chief Chad Michael of the Kennewick Fire Department, around 12:40 AM Friday morning, December 2nd, fire crews responded to a home at 206 S. Quincy and found the structure had visible fire coming from it.

While responding to the call, crews and KPD were told there may be two people inside. 3 Kennewick Police officers arrived and found a semi-unconscious man on the front porch. They began to administer aid, which was continued by fire crews when they arrived afterward.

One other person, who lived downstairs, was able to get out safely and was outside when police and crews arrived.

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Crews on the scene who got there within five minutes of the call began spraying water to beat down the flames, it was brought under control about 20-25 minutes after crews began their spraying. Significant damage was done to several parts of the interior and smoke damage will also make the home unliveable for some time, according to Michael.

  A woman apparently dragged boyfriend from burning home

According to information released by Michael and the KFD:

"The Officers on scene informed KFD that the patient’s girlfriend arrived home to discover the house on fire with the downstairs occupant standing in the driveway. When she realized that her boyfriend was not outside, the patient’s girlfriend opened the front door and attempted to enter the home to locate her boyfriend, despite being encouraged to stay back from the house. She found him lying just inside the front door, and was able to drag him out of the home onto the front porch of the house."

No updates were available on the man's condition, but he was said to be critical.

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