440,500 Starbucks mugs have been recalled following reports of a dozen individuals sustaining injuries, including burns or cuts while utilizing the product. Nestlé is initiating the recall after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission flagged safety concerns, particularly with metallic mugs sold as part of 2023 holiday Starbucks branded gift sets. Manufactured in China, these mugs pose risks such as overheating or breakage when microwaved or filled with hot liquids, potentially causing burns, cuts, or other hazards. 

Recall Initiated by Nestlé

Sold in various colors and sizes (11 oz. and 16 oz.), these mugs were available at Target, Walmart, and military retail outlets during the holiday season. The recall applies to specific gift sets, including Starbucks holiday gift sets with two mugs, classic hot cocoa and mug sets, peppermint and classic hot cocoa and mug sets, and holiday blend coffee and mug sets. Consumers can identify the recalled product by the number 24-171. 

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Risk Factors and Product Details

With 12 reported incidents resulting in 10 injuries, including severe burns or blisters, consumers are advised to discontinue use immediately. They can return the mugs to the place of purchase for a full refund or contact Nestlé USA for assistance. Those returning the defective mugs will receive either cash or a gift card. 


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