Just before midnight last Friday (January 19, 2024), Richland Patrol officers responded to the Columbia Point Marina for a report of a large vessel taking on water.

Cause of the Vessel Sinking at the Columbia Point Marina

The water was believed to be entering the boat through an open valve down in the engine room. The frigid and cold water made it unsafe to enter the engine room without proper diving gear.

The crew on hand to save the sinking boat (Photo: RPD)
The crew on hand to save the sinking boat (Photo: RPD)

Attempts to Save the Sinking Boat in the Columbia Point Arena.

The owner of the boat tried to call their normal driver but couldn't get a hold of them. Columbia Basin Dive and Rescue was called in to help the owner salvage the boat from any further damage.  The boat was salvaged and was prevented from sinking to the depths of the mighty Columbia River.

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