You know, phone scams are getting more and more common. The scammers are getting trickier trying to fool you. Luckily, technology is also getting better. I don't know how many times I've received a phone call, and my phone says "potential spam" or even "potential scam". Like most people, I don't bother answering it when I see that. But what happens when it pops up with a voicemail? Sure, you'd check it; no harm in that. What if you heard the person in the voicemail pretending to be you? That happened to one Pierce County, Washington Sheriff!

That's right; a guy was calling and attempting to scam people by pretending to be Sgt. Darren Moss. He called and left a message at the actual Sgt. Darren Moss's voice mail! (At least, that is the impression the post gives). What are the odds?

A post on Pierce County Sheriff's blog talks about the scam!

"Someone has been really busy calling everyone pretending to be Sgt Darren Moss. He leaves a voicemail telling you he has urgent legal matters that he must discuss with you."
– The "Real" Sgt. Darren Moss Jr.

If the scammer does get you on the phone, he will keep you talking and try to convince you that you have active warrants and fines that need immediate payment! This is a scam!

"Remember, no police officer, judge, US Marshal, prosecutor, or any public official will ask you for money over the phone. We definitely won't ask you for gift cards, and if you're not sure if this is a real police officer, call that agency's main line and ask to speak to them directly. Don't call the numbers they leave you."
– The "Real" Sgt. Darren Moss Jr.

The Sargent ends the post by poking a little fun at the scammer, asking why the scammer "won't return my call."

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