Well, that's using your head! Mariners get a size 10 comeback win. 


Seattle Mariners fans were gathered Saturday at T-Mobile park for a viewing party of the wild - wild card win at Toronto. As the team was climbing back from an 8 to 1 deficit, one of the mariners faithful fans kicked off a shoe rally that quickly gained traction. Brian Cox took off his shoe and put it on his head. That was picked up by stadium officials who immediately projected it on the jumbotron. Mr. Cox did say he had seen it done before at a Mariners game.

The Seattle Mariners #shoerally proved to be fun for the fans and effective for the team as they completed the come from behind 10 to 9 victory. The Mariners get the 2 game sweep over Toronto and move in to the American League Divisional Series to play the Houston Astros.

Houston does hold a 12 to 7 advantage over Seattle this season, however, the Mariners did record their first series win at Minute Maid Park over the Astros since September of 2018.

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