(Portland, OR) -- Court proceedings continued Tuesday in the murder trial of a romance novelist accused of murdering her longtime husband. Nancy Crampton-Brophy is accused of shooting and killing her 63-year-old husband Daniel Brophy in June of 2018. Daniel was a popular Oregon Culinary Institute teacher and chef; he was shot as he prepped for work at the institute in Southwest Portland.

During opening statements, the prosecution contended the couple were in financial distress and that Crampton-Brophy took out ten life insurance policies on her husband worth one-point-four million dollars. Traffic cameras show Crampton Brophy’s minivan near the institute close to the suspected time of the shooting. The defense attorney argues Daniel died too young and the policies would have been worth more later--also stressing that Nancy wasn't listed on the deed to the couple's home.

Before the alleged killing, Crampton-Brophy wrote an essay titled "How To Murder Your Husband." The judge ruled the essay could not be admitted in court. The trial is expected to last about a month.

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