Richland Skate Park (Google maps)
Richland Skate Park (Google maps)

A suspect has been arrested on what Richland Police say is a weapon violation.

   The suspect threatened a person at the skate park with a machete

 Richland Police say the initial report came in around 10:25 PM Tuesday night, when a man called to report he'd been threatened by another at the Richland Skate Park, located at 1185 Carondelet Drive.

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According to the victim, the suspect made threats to him and was waving a machete, and displayed a handgun. The suspect then met up with two other males and left the area. However, Richland Police were able to locate them a short time later.

   Turns out the gun was a pellet pistol, but...

The realistic-looking handgun turned out to bed a pellet gun, but the machete was real, and the suspect is now facing a weapons complaint. The victim was not hurt during the altercation.

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