(Pullman, WA)  --  The Pullman Police Department is searching for a man as part of their investigation into a possible attempted abduction near Washington State University.  It was last Friday a student told officers she was walking to her apartment when she saw a parked car running outside the building with the trunk open. She says she was able to make it inside the apartment home. But when she went to close the door to the dwelling, a man, thought to be the suspect, grabbed the door handle and tried to force himself into the apartment.  So far, Pullman Police say they have not found a suspect and want the public's help.  The man was approximately five-foot-five, wearing a green sweatshirt.  They're also searching for a black sedan with faded black paint and no license plates, possibly a Nissan Altima. The man himself is said to be Asian or Latino. If you know anything, call Pullman Police.

The department also wants to point out that this incident does not appear to be related to reports of a suspicious male that was apparently looking into homes around College Hill.

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