The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has opened the floor for public participation to shape the trajectory of the proposed Grassy Mountain Gold Mine Project, a potential game-changer near Vale in Malheur County. This call to action seeks diverse perspectives and insights crucial for defining the scope of analysis for the forthcoming environmental impact statement.

Project Overview: Calico Resources USA Corp. Leads the Charge

Calico Resources USA Corp. spearheads the initiative, envisioning an underground mine alongside a specialized chemical processing mill and associated storage infrastructure. If greenlit, the project would sprawl across approximately 470 acres of public lands and an additional 19 acres of privately owned territory. The envisioned timeline encompasses a decade of development and production, followed by a meticulous four-year reclamation phase.

Engagement Platforms: Public Forums in Jordan Valley and Ontario, Oregon

In a bid to foster dialogue and transparency, the BLM is orchestrating public forums in Jordan Valley and Ontario, Oregon. These gatherings serve as arenas for stakeholders to voice their concerns, seek clarification, and delve into the intricacies of the project. While physical attendance remains an option, the BLM is also facilitating virtual participation, ensuring inclusivity amidst varying circumstances.

BLM's Commitment to Stewardship

The BLM, entrusted with the management of over 245 million acres of public land across 12 western states, including Alaska, along with 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate nationwide, underscores its unwavering commitment to stewardship. Guided by a mission centered on nurturing the vitality, diversity, and sustainability of America's public lands, the agency stands as a steadfast custodian of natural resources.

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Seizing the Moment: A Call for Community Engagement

In a landscape where public engagement shapes the contours of development, the BLM's call for input on the Grassy Mountain Gold Mine Project emerges as a pivotal opportunity for community involvement. It ensures that the voices of today resonate in the legacy of tomorrow, underscoring the collaborative spirit that defines responsible resource management.

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