Pasco PD
Pasco PD

These days, imitation quality is getting very good, perhaps too good.

Pasco PD investigating funny money schemes

We have seen over the years where criminals are thought to have a firearm, and it turns out it's a bb gun or air weapon. But, they're so realistic they look exactly like a genuine gun. Sometimes, this has landed the suspect in serious trouble.

The same could be said for this money. Pasco Police continue to investigate a rash of fake money being passed to various businesses, and it's not until later the owners find out the money is fake.

There have been at least three incidents of such fraud, both at businesses and during private sales exchanges.

If you look closely, you can clearly see on the $5 bill it says movie money. There are a few other slight differences. However, movie money, which is used in TV shows, etc, is designed to look almost exactly like the real thing--enough so it can fool you.


Movie money --PPD
Movie money --PPD

Pasco PD says whenever you are conducting cash business, carefully examine the bills before the sale is finalized.   Schemes like this are becoming easier for criminals to commit purchase crimes because prop money can be easily bought online.

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We found bundles for sale on various websites, including Amazon. Suspects buy it, crinkle it up and wear it down a little so it looks very genuine.

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