Pasco, WA - Brace yourselves, residents and commuters! The City of Pasco has some temporary road shuffling in store for you. Starting February 26, West Lewis Street, from North Oregon Avenue to North 2nd Avenue (the underpass), will be taking a breather for approximately eight weeks. Why, you ask? Well, it's all part of the grand plan – the ongoing construction of the Lewis Street Overpass project, set to jazz up connectivity and safety within the city.

Closure Breakdown:

Duration: Circle your calendars for eight weeks of change, kicking off Monday, February 26.

Purpose: Cascade Bridge, the city's construction maestros, needs this timeout to gracefully choreograph some bridge construction moves. Safety first, efficiency second!

Detours and Delays: Commuters, be ready to groove with some detours and potential delays. The city suggests alternative routes to keep the traffic harmony intact.

Detour Information: Lost? Don't worry! Navigating your way through with the detour map is simple. Hint: A Street between 4th Avenue and Oregon Avenue will be your guiding star.

City of Pasco
Map of detour


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4th & A St

4th & A St

Lewis Street Overpass Project Highlights:

Though this will be quite the headache for eight weeks, let's see if the pros outweigh the cons. For starters, safer strolls and bike rides for pedestrians and cyclists. Revved-up connectivity for freight, emergency services, and public transportation. This project is a key player in boosting Pasco's economic scene through infrastructure magic. Environmental high-fives with a nod to stormwater management – because green is the new black. The fact is Pasco and Tricity is a growing community, unfortunately, it's the burden we have to bear for a more beautiful and functional town.

Pasco is putting on its best performance, committed to making this construction as smooth as possible. Stay in the loop by checking the city of Pascos website and of course, downloading the free KONA 610 mobile app – it's like getting backstage passes to the construction gig.

Questions or concerns? Give the City of Pasco a shout at (509) 543-5738. Let's make this construction intermission a breeze!

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