(Royal City, WA) -- Nine people were injured after a crash near Royal City Saturday. The Grant County Sheriff's Office says a 2009 Ford Flex was eastbound on Road 11 Southwest. It stopped at a stop sign at Adams Road South, then slammed into a 2010 BMW X5 that was northbound on Adams Road.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office has identified the four occupants in the Flex:
• Driver Griselda Carrasco, 46 of Royal City,
• Passenger Yolonda Herrera, 56 of Royal City,
• Passenger 5-year-old girl from Royal City, and
• Passenger 16-year-old boy from Royal City.
All had non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to Samaritan Healthcare in Moses Lake.

There were five occupants in the BMW X5:
• Driver Jose Rendon Hernandez, 31 of East Wenatchee,
• Passenger Ana Rendon Vargas, 33 of East Wenatchee
• Passenger 4-year-old boy from East Wenatchee,
• Passenger 4-year-old girl from East Wenatchee, and
• Passenger Isabel Herrera, 54 of East Wenatchee.

All occupants were injured. Herrera received life-threatening injuries and was flown to Confluence Health-Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee. The four other occupants had non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to Samaritan. Grant County Sheriff's officials continue to investigate the crash.

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