(Olympia, WA)  --  The Washington State Department of Commerce is offering a new license plate emblem to benefit suicide prevention programs.  For 18-dollars, drivers can get the emblem that reads: "988 Lifeline - There Is Hope!"  The money will go toward community organizations that provide suicide prevention as well as transitioning veterans, military members and their families.  The Washington Department of Licensing has an application form to print and mail with the payment.  The emblem can be applied to any Washington license plate. The plate will be unveiled at a news conference later today.

Lourdes E. “Alfie” Alvarado-Ramos, WDVA Director remarked

“Each tragic suicide impacts 135 people. Family, friends, battle buddies, community members, classmates, and others are all impacted in one way or another. The new license plate emblem gives everyone in our State a way to get involved.” “Together we can spread the national 988 Crisis Lifeline number and the message that ‘There Is Hope!’. Through this collaboration, we will raise awareness and provide additional support to our communities.”

According to a press release from the state commerce department, data showed that veterans accounted for 18% of suicides in our state but only 7% of the total population. The Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) says they're working to combat this by cultivating community programs focused on providing peer services.

State: Rep Tina Orwall said

“Not only will this emblem raise awareness of 988 as a resource for those experiencing a behavioral health crisis,” , “but it will raise funds to support veterans, who have high rates of suicide, and provide lifesaving services.”

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