In a blaze of glory, the City of Pasco proudly announces the grand opening of its newest firefighting fortress - Station 85! Situated at 3624 Road 100, this state-of-the-art facility officially kicked off operations today at 8:00 AM, igniting a new era of emergency response for Pasco residents. 

With fearless firefighters ready for action, Station 85 is poised to tackle emergencies with precision. Its strategic placement covers neighborhoods south of I-182, offering a safety umbrella that extends support to the areas currently served by Stations 83 and 84. 

The opening of Station 85 is like adding another heavy hitter to the lineup. Pasco Fire Chief Kevin Crowley, stated, “The establishment of Station 85 is a testament to the City Council's ongoing investment in the safety and well-being of our community, with this new station, the city is enhancing the ability to respond more quickly to emergencies, thereby increasing the safety net for our residents." 

To mark this fiery milestone, the city plans a blazing grand opening event in April. Community members are invited to witness the sparks fly as they tour the facility, meet the heroic firefighters, and get the lowdown on the life-saving services offered.  

The City of Pasco is on fire - metaphorically speaking, of course! Station 85 is a symbol of the commitment to growth and, more importantly, the safety of Pasco's residents.   

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To keep the community in the loop, Pasco encourages residents to follow their social media handles and other news feeds. Visit the website for more updates on Station 85's grand opening, and of course, download the KONA 610 free mobile app for other sizzling announcements.  

As the City of Pasco continues to burn bright on the map, Station 85 stands as a beacon of safety, ready to tackle emergencies and ensure that the citizens of Pasco can sleep soundly, knowing their heroes are just a call away. Stay safe, Pasco! 

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