Southridge High School, Chinook Middle School and Sage Crest Elementary have been placed on lockdown as Kennewick Police are investigating a potential threat.

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In a release, the Kennewick School District said "Kennewick Police received a phone call report of weapon in a classroom at Southridge High School. Police are currently searching the building to find out if there is any credibility to the report.  We are receiving reports that this may be part of a hoax happening at multiple schools in the state."

This is a developing story...

UPDATE: Kennewick School District is requesting that parents stay away from Southridge High School to allow police to do their job and to please park at the Southridge Sports Complex if they are in the area.  the District also reports that no weapon has been found at this time but Kennewick police are continuing to search.

UPDATE: From Kennewick School District : Police are continuing to search Southridge High School room by room to make sure the building is safe. There have been no weapons found. Several news outlets and school districts are reporting that this is a coordinated hoax happening at schools across the state today. We will update this post when the building is out of lockdown.

UPDATE: From Kennewick School District : Police are still in the process of completing their search at Southridge High School. All students and staff are safe and no weapons have been found. When Southridge, Chinook Middle School and Sage Crest Elementary are out of lockdown, an update will be sent out.

UPDATE: From Kennewick School District: Kennewick Police has now completed the search of Southridge High School and no weapons were found. All students and staff are safe. Southridge, Sage Crest Elementary and Chinook Middle School are no longer in lockdown. All indications are that the report was part of a coordinated "active shooter" hoax happening at schools around the state. Thank you to Kennewick Police for their response and for keeping our students and staff safe.

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